At Europeware, our vision is to guide our client partners into the fast moving information age, by implementing creative solutions, which lead to a shift in industry standards, towards optimum performance, while leveraging cutting-edge technology.

Our Mission

The advantage of yesterday will be replaced by the trend of tomorrow, therefore Europeware took the challenge to innovate, improve & develop every service which might be descarded by the tough competition by Easing work, facilitating tasks, keeping up with technology and connecting in a better & sofisticated way.

Europeware is an established software and technology company that services hotels, factories, malls, schools, banks etc... The systems were developed to join operational needs and technology.

Today, we provide what we consider to be the most powerful, comprehensive and intuitive systems available on the market.

In the beginning, the firm, founded in Tallin, Estonia ,This initial suite of services managed by an exceptional team of computer engineering specialists, focused on tools to help clients reduce costs associated with worker’s compensation claims, guest losses and other areas of liability.